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Entry Fields & Settings - Other Fields
Entry Fields & Settings - Other Fields
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This article details entry fields located in the Other Fields section of the Entry Form setup. For details on additional entry fields, click here. For further information on building an Entry Form, click here. Or click for further information on Repeat Types.

Other Fields


This field is used in combination with our newly improved Survey app. Once created, you can embed your survey, poll, or quiz within the your entry form using this field. By click the 'Take Survey' button, a popup will appear allowing participants to complete your survey/quiz. For more information on embedding a survey, poll, or quiz, click here.

Visit Site

A button field that directs participants to a specified URL. Helpful for increasing web traffic and promoting sales pages and advertisements.


A text field for participants to enter a keyword that must be obtained by tuning into a broadcast, visiting a store or website, receiving in an email or letter, or any number of creative ways in which you would like to engage your audience.

Verify Location

A button that allows participants to share their GPS location on either a desktop or mobile device. This tool is ideally used to verify that entrants live, work, or are physically within a preferred market area.


This button allows participants to use their mobile devices to verify their current physical location within a specified area. This is an ideal tool for promoting foot traffic to stores, dealerships, malls, or any other physical location. For more information on driving foot traffic to specified locations, click here.

Download App

This field includes both Apple and Android App Store buttons that direct participants to download any app. Simply designate the corresponding app-store URL.

Complete All

Encourage participants to complete all tasks within an entry form by offering additional bonus entries on top of the individual tasks completed.

Email Verify

This field allows you to ensure that you are collecting valid email addresses by having participants verify the addresses they are using to enter your promotion. An email with a verification link will be sent to the address the participant provided.

Profile Image Upload

A file-upload field for participants to submit profile images when building a profile in a Sports (Brackets/Pick'em) promotion. *Not recommended for gallery promotions. The 'Gallery Submission' or 'File Upload' field (both located in the Input Fields tab) should be used when having participants submit anything other than a Sports app profile picture.

Text Block

This field offers you the ability to create a block of text for participants to read, without requesting a response from the participant. This field is often used to create headers if your entry form is sectioned, or to add brief instructions, reminders, or rules.

Keyword +

Keyword + functions similar to the normal Keyword field, but you can schedule when the keyword is active during the promotion. If you set a date and time on each keyword, it will only be accepted during that timeframe.

Email Contact

This field offers you the ability to have a list of emails where participants can select from.

For further questions, please chat our support team using the chat icon in our platform, email us at or give us a call at (801) 901-2011.

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