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How do I link a survey/quiz to my sweepstakes?
How do I link a survey/quiz to my sweepstakes?
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Just when you thought sweepstakes couldn't do more, here is a feature that makes these contests more effective and user-friendly. Instead of creating a long list of questions in your entry form, you can simply create a survey or quiz and embed it in your entry form as a single button. 

For further information on building surveys and quizzes, click here. Once you have finished building your survey/quiz, the next step will be to embed it as a button within your entry form. You have two options when adding in a survey. You can search for your Survey/Quiz in the Survey ID box, select the drop-down and add in your survey. Or add in the Promo ID# from the URL in your browser's search bar, as shown:

Searching for Survey name:

Finding the Survey ID number:

Once you have that 6 digit ID#, you can now open the sweepstakes and set up the survey in the sweepstakes. 

The next step is to click Add a field > Other fields > Survey (at the top right). 

It will bring you to this page where you will enter the Survey ID and configure settings on how you want it to act in entry form. 

From there the survey will appear as a button in the entry form and when selected it will navigate them through the survey. If the survey was placed in step 3 of the entry form, you have the ability to assign bonus entries for completing it.

Things to consider:

1.) The sweepstakes and the survey will each store their own set of data. So when downloading the results for the survey, you need to specifically download the survey's data, as the Sweepstakes will have it's own unique data. For example, when you download the data from the sweepstakes it will only show whether they completed the survey or not. However, the Survey data will include how each person responded to each question (note: see below).

2.) When building the survey, make sure that there are required fields in step 1: Setup, such as name and email. Otherwise the survey will be treated as an anonymous survey and you will be unable to identify how individual people responded to your questions.

If you have any questions chat us in the Audience Dashboard or send us an email at 

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