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Building a Gallery
Building a Gallery
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This article will take you step by step through building a gallery. For a short video walk-through, click here.

STEP 1 - Main Settings

Beginning on creating a new Gallery campaign. This is done by clicking on the Create Campaign button here:

Selecting the kind of campaign you want to create, in this case you would choose "Gallery"

Then you will fill out the title of your Gallery (this can be edited later)

You will then be taken to the Gallery's setup page. At the top of the setup page, you will see the main area which is identical to a Sweepstakes' settings. For further information on Smart Links (ulinks), Schedule, Title, Prize Text, Notification Emails, and Terms & Conditions, see How to Build a Sweepstakes.

STEP 2 - Entry Form

With a Sweepstakes, a basic entry form is already created for you, placed directly on the the front page. However, a Gallery won't display an entry form until the user clicks the Submission Button (located at the top of the gallery), which then displays the Entry Form in a popup. Because the Entry Form is not located on the front page as in a Sweepstakes, there is a specific section in the setup for building your Entry Form.

When building your Gallery's Entry Form, you can either create a brand new Entry Form from scratch by selecting New Custom Entry Form, or you can use an entry form you have previously built in a Sweepstakes by selecting Use Sweepstakes Form. You may pick which way to go by clicking on the Add a Source Or Entry Form button, and then clicking on the down arrow symbol by the Source Type.

Note: By using an entry form you have already used in a sweepstakes, you will also be pulling in any data that may have been entered through that entry form already. Think of each entry form as a box of data. Any data already in that entry form will continue to stay with that entry form, even if it is used in a new campaign.

While the Entry Form (on the right of the Entry Form section) allows you to collect all necessary information, the Gallery Submission Layout (shown on the left) allows you to specify which parts of that data you will be showing on the live gallery.

For example, you may ask entrants to enter their phone number, but that might not be something you want to share publicly. The media (image, video, or audio file), a title, an author, and/or a description may be information you wish to include on your live Gallery.

Simply specify which entry field you would like each part of the Gallery Submission Layout to pull from (shown by the colorful lines).

STEP 4 - Voting Options (Optional)

In this menu, you'll find the second scheduling option out of the 3 possible. This schedule is giving us the opportunity to have voting start at a different day than the submission time. This all depends on the parameters of your contest.

We also have the ability to change the voting frequency as well. You can change the amount to votes allowed per hour, day, or the entire contest.

Note: Require email confirmation is recommended to preserve the integrity of voting, especially if a prize is given to the submission with the most votes. Click here to see what other ways Audience prevents "voter fraud" for gallery promotions.

There is also the option choose what information is needed to be able to vote. You can download whatever info you choose to obtain later on via CSV file.

STEP 5 - Desktop Layout

If you keep scrolling down, you're going to find the desktop layout. This is what our gallery is going to look like on the front end. You'll notice you have the ability to change the background image, background color, and add overlay boxes just like a sweepstakes. That big gray grid is where the files are going to populate. You can edit this box however you like. Notice that you can click and drag it to wherever you like within the frame.

We edit this grid by clicking on the layout editor button found on the top left corner of the desktop preview (see above).

We have some layout presets that you can look through at the top, and you have the option to order the entries. Meaning on how you want the order of the grid to populate on the front end of the contest.

Next we have the Entry Button options. The first check box is whether or not you want an actual Submission Button on your Gallery. You can turn it off whenever. You can also schedule it with the third and final scheduler tool we have within the gallery platform. There is also text entry box to change what the submission button says.

The entry link type options let you choose your form to where you want to have this gallery connected to. We built our own form for this contest, so that is selected.

Lastly, we have our layout customization. This is where you can mess around with the thumbnail sizes and amount per page. You'll notice as you mess with these sliders, you can see what it looks like within the desktop layout.

You can also change the submission entry button colors here as well.

Once you have things looking how you want, go ahead and click on the preview button to see what it's going to look like actually published. If everything looks good, then your gallery is all set up and ready to go!

If you have any other questions or issues, you can chat within the platform, email us at, or give us a call at 801-901-2011.

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