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What does Audience do to prevent "voter fraud" on Gallery promotions?
What does Audience do to prevent "voter fraud" on Gallery promotions?

This article addresses the measures Audience takes to make sure your Gallery promotion voting results are fair and accurate.

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If you've ran a Gallery promotion where voting is a key element, you may wonder what measures we take to make sure the votes coming in are true and honest. We have 3 tools set in place, to ensure this.

  1. Google's No Captcha reCaptcha - Google has implemented a virtual check box that is smart and can detect movements that differentiates human's vs bots. It also uses user time on page algorithms, bots IP address database, http referrer, number of requests, etc. Sometimes Google is unsure whether it’s a bot or human submitting the form. When our system detects any of these warnings, our system throws on a Captcha test. It asks the user to validate with the old-style captcha with putting in a code or selecting images that match. This option has the least limitations and is set by default.

  2. Login with Facebook - This is the strongest tool we offer to ensure voters aren't using bots to amass votes. Because a valid Facebook account is required, it is hard to falsify voting with mass numbers. The downside to this is that if you use this feature exclusively, users without a Facebook account won't be able to vote.

  3. Verify Email Address - Requiring an email confirmation is the strongest method to prevent voter fraud on a Gallery promotion. Once a user enters their email address to vote, we send an email to that address with a verification code they need to enter to be verified. The limitation here is that you are adding an extra step to voting that pulls people out of the promotion to verify their email, then they must go back again to vote.

While the Google No Captcha reCaptcha is turned on by default, the other two features are controlled within the voting setup of a Gallery Promotion.

For further questions, please reach out to our support team using the chat icon in our platform, email us at or give us a call at (801) 901-2011.

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