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Why Are My Gallery Images Not Showing?
Why Are My Gallery Images Not Showing?

If the media is not appearing on your gallery, it is likely one of two reasons...

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Check 1:  Make Sure Submissions Have Been Approved

Submissions will not appear on the live gallery until they have been manually approved. To approve or reject submissions, click the Submissions tab in the top-right corner. All new submissions that have not yet been addressed will be shown. Simply approve or reject each submission. All approved submissions will appear on the live gallery. (To see previously approved or rejected submissions, click the Approved and Rejected tabs, respectively. Note that approved submissions can still be rejected and vice versa.)

Check 2:  Make Sure the Gallery Submission Layout is Connected to the Entry Form.

**Help!  I'm Still Seeing Thumbnails with No Images!**

The system needs to know which piece of your collected data is supposed to be shown publicly. In this case, the system doesn't know which data to pull as the primary media.

On your setup page, check to make sure the Primary Media Field is connected to the Entry Form's media field.  

If it turns out they are not connected, simply click the Choose Primary Media Field button and select which field the system should pull from.

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