How do Quizzes work?


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Quizzes are great tools for grabbing the attention of users to direct them to social media platforms and websites. You can lure them in with questions like: "What type of animal are you?" or "Are you smarter than a 5th grader"? This is a opportunity for local sponsors to take part and market their brand with sponsor pages as the participant navigates through the quiz. It can also be an effective tool for you as you gather information from your audience in your local markets. 

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There are two different types of quizzes that Audience offers: Graded and Outcome quizzes. To begin, we will go over the logistics/highlights of each type of quiz starting with a graded quiz. 

Like most the new Quizzes/Polls/Survey's the layout is similar. Once you've created what info you want to snag from them in "Landing" such as: names, addresses, email...etc, you can create the questions in 2. "Questions". 

Graded quizzes are unique because it allows you to select a correct answer to the possible responses. 

You can do this simply by selecting the right answer here when a question is created. They are built to give you a graded result depending how you answered the questions. 

Outcome quizzes are a little different from graded ones. They are built to deliver an outcome based on what you select as your answers. 

So, my advice would to create the outcomes, then set-up the questions based on which outcomes you made. Here is a outcome quiz example: "Which Star Wars Character Are You"? Here are 4 steps in building an outcome quiz. 

Step 1: You create the outcomes first: 

Step 2: You design what questions the participant will be answering in order to get assigned a certain outcome. 

Step 3: Assign the outcomes to the related questions. You can do this by going to "Outcome" and selecting which outcome you'd like it to be based on the question. 

Lastly, Step 4: Once you are in, you can turn on which outcomes that will be used in this particular question and give it weight by sliding the toggle feature right to left.

After that you'll have an amazing quiz! If you need help building a quiz or if you have any further question feel free to contacts us at or utilize the chat feature in the Audience Dashboard. 

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