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Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls Q&A
Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls Q&A

Here is a list of questions asked about Quizzes, Surveys, and Polls during our launch event.

Updated over a week ago

We had a lot of fun releasing our updated Surveys and Quizzes applications to you, as well as debuting our newest app, Polls. During the presentations, we received a lot of great questions that we wanted to make sure get answered. Below are those questions and answers. This article is intended to answer any questions you may have regarding the new applications. Don't hesitate to reach out to support if you have any additional questions.

"On image answers are you required to put text as well?" - Ryan W.

  • Text is not required when adding an image as an answer.

"What size are the header images?" - Chris B.

  • Header images can be as big or small as you want them. However, if you are looking to expand the image to fit the header area, we recommend creating it to the allowable width on your website.

"How long do you typically run these quizzes and polls.. a day, week, or a month..?" - JJ C. 

  • This is really up to you. If you are looking to collect a lot of information over a period of time, a week or month might be appropriate. If you just need a quick sample for a news or radio broadcast, you can run a Poll over the course of a couple of hours.

"Are these quizzes mobile-friendly?" - Tom B.

  • Yes, the are mobile-friendly, along with the rest of our applications.

"Are these [Pixabay images] stock images?" - PJ C.

  • Yes, with our Pixabay integration you can choose from a large variety of stock photos to add to your Sweepstakes, Polls, and Quizzes. They are free to use for the promotions.

"Is there a survey where they fill in the names of their choices?" - Chris W.

  • Yes, there is a field option in Surveys where they can type their responses rather than choosing them from a multiple choice list or rater.

 "Is there a way to ever include a clickable companion ad? (728x90 or 320x50?)" - Allen H.

  • No, if you would like to add these companion ads to the promotion's page, we recommend you embed them around the embedded promotion on your site. You can also add sponsor images to the promotion and integrate sponsor banners right within the promotion.

"I don’t see [Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes] on any of my stations." - Aaron S.

  • If you don't see the application on any of your accounts, you may need to request an upgrade. Contact our sales team at to learn about pricing for these applications.

"Will the emails automatically be added to [our] master database as well as the promotion email database?" - Tara F.

  • Yes, you are collecting email addresses that can be downloaded on a promotion by promotion basis, or accessed using Userbase using certain filters.

"Can you use video in the poll?" - Chris B.

  • This will be a feature in our next update to the apps. Stay tuned!

"Have there been any changes made to doing a quiz that features a new question everyday, rather then creating a different contest for each day." - Qasim A.

  • Scheduling answers isn't a feature at the moment, but we will definitely explore this option for future updates.

"Do you need to have a legal disclaimer with each of these?" - Lori C.

  • We recommend consulting with your own legal team if you have any questions or concerns about launching a promotion of any nature.

"How does a sweepstakes work with the new quiz, poll and survey options? For example, if we have tickets for a concert and we ask people to take a quiz in order to enter to win the tickets." - Krystal V.

  • It works seamlessly with our Sweepstakes application by adding the Surveys field in a Sweepstakes and inputting the Survey ID. This can work with Polls and Quizzes as well. You can make it a required entry point, not required, or added for bonus entries.

"For the surveys, when looking back at the overall results, is there a way to view what my answer was (i.e., to help me remember)?" - Tim D.

  • Yes, the results at the end will show your answers compared to everyone else who has taken the Survey if the settings are set to show them.

"We'd still have the ability to upload our own photos for quiz options, correct?" - Matt B.

  • Yes, you can upload your own images or use our Pixabay integration to add photos to your headers or answers.

"Is it possible to have the question show if it is right or wrong as it was answered?" - Nikki W.

  • No, the right or wrong answers are only shown in the results after the quiz is taken.

"Do your polls interact with Social News Desk?" - JJ V.

  • Currently, we do not. We would love to integrate with more 3rd party applications. If you have a question about various integrations, feel free to connect us to see if it's a fit for Audience.

"If the user takes quizzes or polls multiple times will their results display multiple times in the database?"- Jack P.

  • Yes, when downloading their results, you will be able to see their various answers in the database after each time taking it.

"Assuming share the poll links back to the page and has no ability to dynamically vote on social yet?" - Vanessa W.

  • When the promotion is shared, it will redirect back to the site where it is hosted. Participants will have the ability to make their votes on the site, driving valuable traffic there.

"Will there be a section for "already created" quizzes, surveys & polls as opposed to "to be created" quizzes, surveys & polls? Will there be a designation in Audience?" - Jack P.

  • We will continually add templates of Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes to the Templates section of your account. You also have the ability clone any promotion previously created. From there, you can adjust the Survey, Poll, or Quiz to fit your needs.

"You said the answers users give in contests/surveys is saved and can be reused for retargeting.  If the same question is used across multiple promotions, can you target a response from all of those promotions, or do you have to target them separately?  For example, if I ask what someone's favorite color is in promotions A, B, and C, can I target anyone who said "red" anywhere that question has ever been asked, or do I have to separately target people who said red in A, people who said red in B, and people who said red in C?" - Kirk G.

  • This is where our Userbase application comes in handy. You can create filters in Userbase that will create a list of people based on their answer over multiple promotions. You can export this list into a clean .CSV file which can then be used for retargeting.

"Is there a max on sponsors images?" - Jack P.

  • You can use as many sponsor spots as needed, but keep in mind this can affect the experience of the promotion by having a lot of sponsor images in one spot. It may be a best practice to have a handful of sponsors on the landing page and then use the sponsor inserts through out the questions.

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