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Why are my gallery submission photos showing just as a grey box?
Why are my gallery submission photos showing just as a grey box?

Grey submission box

Updated this week

The gallery contests are amazingly unique because it allows participants to upload a video/photo to the platform to either get voted on or just viewed by the community. 

Within the "Submissions" tab, you'll find all the media uploaded by the participants will be awaiting in the "New & Unapproved" folder. Once approved, the photo/video will appear here, ready for voting or publishing.

We will use this "Cutest Pet" contest as an example. In a normal gallery, approved submissions will appear like this photo below.

After the photo/videos are uploaded and they appear to be grey like this image below, then it's most likely one of two things. ​

First, you need to make sure that the "choose primary media field" is connected to the "gallery submission" on the entry form. You can do this simply by clicking the "choose primary button" and selecting "gallery submission". In the screenshot below it shows how to connect those two fields. (The line in yellow)

Second, is because the gallery submission (Upload A Photo For the Gallery) file was deleted from the entry form and the pictures were lost. So, make sure once there is media submitted, that you don't delete the submission form from the entry box. 

If you have any further questions about gallery submissions, contact us through the Audience chat feature or email us at 

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