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Managing Gallery submissions and choosing a winner
Managing Gallery submissions and choosing a winner
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In this article we will go over the essentials to managing your gallery submissions and how to choose a winner.

Approve or Reject Submissions

Once users have submitted an entry, it will appear in your Submissions tab under the New & Unapproved section. Here you will be able to either accept or reject the submission. Once you approved, it will move to the approved tab and appear on the live gallery. Once rejected, it will go to the rejected tab and disappear from the contest.

Setting Up a Matchup (Optional)

Under your approved pictures tab, you will see a matchup switch. Turn that on and then click "Add A Matchup"

You will then see the match up pop up. Here you can give the matchup a title and turn it off and on. When a match up is turned off, it will not appear on the live gallery.

You can add images to this matchup by going up to your approved images and clicking on "matchup" and then clicking on which match up you would like it in.

Picking A Winner

First you will have to go the the "Choose Winner" tab in the top right corner of the contest set up page. You will then see all of the different options you have when it comes to picking a winner.

Eligible Entries: You can enter a start and end date if you want to pick a winner from a specific time period.

From: Gives you 3 different options of winners to choose from. Selecting entries from "each entry weighted equally" will pick a random winner, regardless of votes. Selecting entries from "weighted by amount of votes" will pick a winner randomly but will treat the votes as bonus entries so those with more votes have a great chance of winning. Selecting "Choose from voters" will pick a random winner from the voters.

Exclude: Allows you to exclude previous winners.

After clicking Choose Winner, A screen will pop up with your winner and their details. 

If you have any questions or issues with this, you can contact us at or give us a call at 801-901-2011.

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