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Autoresponders Overview
Autoresponders Overview

Autoresponders send emails automatically based on user actions or schedules, offering real-time performance insights.

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What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an automated email system that sends emails to contacts based on specific actions they take or at scheduled times. These can be set to send emails continuously or within a set period. Autoresponder reports give you real-time insights into their performance.

Components of an Autoresponder

  1. Autoresponder Email: The email that gets sent automatically based on the set criteria.

  2. Autoresponder Criteria: Rules that determine who receives the email and sometimes when they will receive it.

  3. Schedule: Defines the active period of the autoresponder—when it starts and when or if it should stop.

Setting Up an Autoresponder

Step 1: Create the autoresponder email.

  • Craft the content of the email that will be sent automatically.

Step 2: Define the autoresponder criteria.

  • Set rules for which contacts should receive the email and under what circumstances (like after signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase).

Step 3: Establish a schedule.

  • Decide when the autoresponder should start sending emails and set an end date if necessary (for example, end after one year or continue indefinitely).

These steps will help you effectively set up and manage autoresponders, ensuring that your emails are sent automatically to the right contacts at the right times.

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