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Getting Started with Scan
Getting Started with Scan

Discover 'Scan': A QR code tool for easy link creation, dynamic redirects, and detailed analytics to enhance your campaigns.

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Introduction: "Scan" is a versatile QR code management tool designed to facilitate easy creation, management, and analytics of QR codes for various campaigns. This walkthrough covers the basics of setting up a new QR link, customizing it, and understanding the analytics provided.

1. Creating a Ulink:

  • Starting New: On your Scan account dashboard, select the option to create a new Ulink. For example, name it “Dream Flyaway QR” and hit the create button.

  • Basic QR Code Setup: Initially, the QR code generated is straightforward, similar to creating a contest in the Audience platform.

2. Advanced QR Code Features:

  • Dynamic Links: This feature allows you to direct traffic to different links based on percentages. For instance, setting a dynamic link to 50/50 means that out of 100 clicks, 50 go to one link, and 50 go to another. This is ideal for A/B testing or certain types of giveaways.

  • Scheduled Redirects: Use this for time-sensitive campaigns, like sponsor links in podcasts that expire, allowing the QR code to redirect to different URLs after certain dates and times.

  • Toggle Managed Links: These are manually controlled redirects that can be turned on or off as needed, providing flexibility for long-term or seasonal promotions.

3. Customizing QR Codes:

  • Design Options: Customize the appearance of QR codes with different shapes (e.g., circles, stars) and colors.

  • Feature Image: You can add a central image to the QR code to enhance branding or recognition.

    • Example of customization

4. Downloading and Custom URLs:

  • Download Options: You can download your QR code to use for print or digital purposes.

  • Custom Endings: Request custom URL endings specific to branding needs. This is currently reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

5. Analytics and Metrics:

  • Individual QR Analytics: Track performance metrics for each QR code, such as total scans, scans by device type, and time of day.

  • Overview Metrics: Gain insights into top-performing QR codes, audience behaviors, and popular scanning times.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact support via chat, email (, or phone (801-901-2011).

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