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Clone a campaign
Clone a campaign

How to make a copy of a campaign that you can edit

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This article will show you how to make a copy of an existing campaign.

*NOTE: If you have already built the campaign on a child account, it cannot be cloned to any other account. Your campaign can only be cloned to the child account on which it was originally built. However, you can build your campaign on a parent level account and Syndicate that campaign to multiple child accounts. For more on campaign Syndication, CLICK HERE.

To clone an existing campaign, navigate to your Campaigns list and hover over the campaign that you would like to clone. Click on the three dots that appear on the right. A menu will appear. In that menu, click Clone.

Click Ok.

A basic clone of your original campaign now exists. The elements that were brought over from the original campaign are the graphics, title, copy, form fields, and rules. Elements such as dates, entries, Sports Pickem/bracket team and season details, and Gallery images will not be transferred into the cloned campaign. You will need to add those elements fresh.

Of course, feel free to chat, email (, or call us (801-901-2011) when cloning your campaign if you run into any questions or would like to walk through it all in real time. :)

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