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New Feature: Leads Portal
New Feature: Leads Portal

Leads Portal is an easier and faster way to pass data along to your partners!

Updated this week

(If you would like a explanation of our new Leads Portal in video format click here!)

Gone are the days of downloading information and sending that information to your partners. This manual process has now been automated with our newest product release, Leads Portal.

What does this mean for Audience users?

  • No integration required

  • Update partners with leads throughout the campaign or all at once

  • Deliver leads directly to partners’ inboxes

  • Partners can request a new link on demand

  • Only send leads during appropriate times of the day

Audience Set up:

  1. This setting will be found in the entry form setup in the User Field: "List Opt-in". With the leads portal configured, you will have new settings available under the "Send Data To" section. Select the option labeled "Partners".

  2. This will reconfigure the list opt-in field and will ask you what partner you would like to send this information to. Then this will be the email address of your partner and where the information will be sent to.

  3. Once the information you are trying to gather has been added to the entry form this will now appear in the List Opt-in. You will have the option to add what information from the form you would like to be sent over to your partner.

  4. From here you can set a time frame for when you want the information to be sent to your partner. This will be located in the "Notifications Interval" of the field.

There is an option for a do not disturb setting for your partners and this will match the time zone you are located in.

What do your partners see?

  • An email with a button link to download leads.

  • The email comes from the email address set in account defaults. If it’s not set, it comes from Audience.

  • Leads emails will stop sending when no new leads are available.

Partners will receive this email which links to the leads portal page where new and all leads can easily be downloaded. Partners will also receive notifications as often as you wanted (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, 4x/hr, etc.).

Expired Leads Portal Link

After the partner link has been opened, it becomes invalid. If a new link is needed, partners have the option to have a new link sent automatically without needing to manually request one.

What the leads portal looks like

  • Your partners have the option to download new leads, or all the leads.

  • If they are connected to multiple campaigns, all campaigns will be listed in the leads portal.

  • The status of the campaign will be visible to your partners, along with the number of leads available.

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