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Connecting the Zapier Integration
Connecting the Zapier Integration

A step by step walkthrough about how to connect Zapier to your Audience account

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If you use Zapier to connect your web apps, you can connect your workflows to an Audience promotion. By doing so, promotion participants will be automatically added to those workflows when they opt-in to receive newsletters or complete the specific event that you designate.

Connecting the Zapier Integration is easy when connecting it to your own Audience account.

First, click on your account's name in the upper right hand corner. Then, in the menu that opens up there, click on Account Manager.

Then click the Details > Advanced > Integrations > Account Integrations > Add Integration

On this screen, you can choose Zapier from the Integrations list. Once it's added, you'll see that it says "Disconnected."

Click on the three dot menu and then Settings to access this screen:

You will need to know your Zapier Target URL in order to connect your account to this integration. To learn more about Zapier's target URLs contact a Zapier support team member to guide you where to find the target URL.

You can give the Integration an Internal Title to help you stay organized. This comes in handy if you are linking more than one Integration to the same account.

Now that Audience is connected to Zapier, you can configure this integration through the list opt-in field settings or under the Account Wide Events tab.

Setting up Integrations is easy. By doing so, you are creating a way to safely transfer data between Audience and your CRM.

For more assistance, please reach out to Audience Customer Support by chatting in the platform, calling 801-901-2011, or by emailing

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