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Using Facebook Live For Your Livestream, Or Virtual Live Remote
Using Facebook Live For Your Livestream, Or Virtual Live Remote

Using Facebook Live fo your live stream is an option with our Livestream app. It's quick and easy!

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Live streaming has taken the Internet by storm. Companies that never had a use for it before are now going live almost every single day. Because of this shift in how to communicate to your audience, we've developed our Livestream app to help you deliver live content to your website while utilizing our groundbreaking forms to collect data and incentivize audience growth.

The Livestream app uses YouTube Live or Facebook Live video features and pairs them with our form. Third-party tools can help with the production of content being delivered. We've already covered the over-all setup of Livestream here. Click the link to get a general idea on how to set it up. Now that you have a better understanding of the how and why behind our Livestream app, let's dive into utilizing Facebook Live for your stream.

Starting your Facebook Live stream

Go to your company's Facebook Page. Under where you can make a post you should see an option for Live.

You'll then be taken to Facebook Live Producer, where you can configure all your live stream settings. All we need from this page is the URL where the live stream will be showing. You can find this at the bottom of the page. The URL will display after the live video has been created. Then click the Copy button.

Once you have the URL, head back to our Livestream admin and paste the code in the Video URL field. Be sure to select Facebook as the Platform Type.

And that's it! Your Facebook Live video is now connected to your Livestream promotion and is ready to be embedded on your website.

Two things to keep in mind when using Facebook vs YouTube

Unlike YouTube, Facebook doesn't allow us to embed the live comment section after the entry form has been filled out. You'll notice that toggle becomes disabled when selecting Facebook as your Platform Type.

Also, YouTube's live video starts playing as soon as the broadcast becomes unlocked. With Facebook, the user will have to click the play button in order to start the stream.

For more assistance, please reach out to Audience Customer Support by chatting in the platform, calling 801-901-2011, or by emailing

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