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Making sure your YouTube account is ready to use Virtual Live Remote
Making sure your YouTube account is ready to use Virtual Live Remote

This article covers the necessary setup to go live for the first time on YouTube. This is an essential step when using Virtual Live Remotes.

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Going live on YouTube is easy, but there are a few steps you need to take to ensure you can go live when you want to, as well as embed a live stream video to your site. Because Virtual Live Remotes uses the YouTube embed feature, these steps are necessary in order to be compatible with your site.

24 Hour Wait

Before going live for the very first time, YouTube has a 24 hour wait window before your account will be enabled to go live. Make sure you activate this step well in advance of your event.

How to enable:

While logged into the YouTube account you want to stream from, navigate to You will see the option to enable live streaming there.

Connecting your YouTube account to AdSense

Before you can embed a YouTube livestream to your site, you have to make sure your YouTube account is connected to an active AdSense account. Because Audience uses YouTube's embed features, this step is necessary when embedding a Virtual Live Remote to your website.

Setting up AdSense is as simple as creating an account with the same Google account your YouTube channel is connected to, adding some code to your website's header, and allowing AdSense to check your site. There is a wait time here as well, so keep that in mind before going live.

Once these steps are taken, you are ready to embed Audience's Virtual Live Remote to your site. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via chat, email, or phone.

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