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What Is An Overlay Box? (and Mobile Sponsor Images)
What Is An Overlay Box? (and Mobile Sponsor Images)
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An overlay box is a valuable tool when creating the desktop view of your sweepstakes or gallery. You can add as many overlay boxes as necessary. 

Simply click the Add Overlay Box button, resize the box as needed, then click the little gear icon in the upper right corner of the box to utilize any combination of three tools explained below.

If your background graphic has a logo or a "click here" button, you can hover an overlay box over that area of your background and link it to the intended URL. If nothing else is added to the overlay box, it will be invisible to the user on the front end, so they are a great way to make your background interactive.

If there is an image or a logo that needs to be added, instead of having to edit your entire background graphic with an image editor, you can simply add a logo or image using an overlay box. Clicking the middle icon (moon & mountain) will allow you to upload an image file from your computer/device.

*Note: The image tool and link tool can be used at the same time to create interactive logos and images.

- Text & Code

The third tool available in the overlay box is the text editor. Not only can you add some simple text to the front of your desktop view but you can also add html code, such as a video or other media. For step by step instructions on embedding videos, audio players, and other html, click here.

- Mobile Images, Links, and Text -

Keep in mind that overlay boxes will only appear and work with the desktop view of your promotion. However, the mobile view setup has similar tools available.

- Mobile Text Box

In your mobile setup, just below the header image, you will see a simple text editing box just like the text box available in the overlay box. Again, this text box can be used to add messages, instructions, links, and html (such as a video embed code).

Also in your mobile setup, a small Add Mobile Sponsor button can be found both above and below the entry form. This button will allow you to add up to three linked images per row. To add a row of images, click the Add Mobile Sponsor button. Then click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select how many images you want in that row. Simply upload each image from your device and, if desired, type in the URL you would like each image to link to. To add an additional row, simply click the Add Mobile Sponsor button again.

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