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How do I use conditionals in the new surveys/quizzes/polls?
How do I use conditionals in the new surveys/quizzes/polls?


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In the new surveys/quizzes/polls, conditionals help guide participants to specific questions, sponsors or a whole new set of questions (only in survey's) depending on their individual answers. Without conditionals set, the participant will navigate through the survey/quiz or poll like normal, question by question. They can be very useful for sponsors to tailor these contests to a certain market of participants, depending on how the conditionals are set up and how they answers those questions. 

Uniquely in survey's, you can create different sections of questions that the participant will be navigated to depending on their answers. If they answer xyz then they will be fed questions that relate to xyz

We will be using this "Not sure what to eat? Let us help" survey as an example. 

Here's how to set that up:

First things first, you always need to keep in mind that you work backwards when it comes to conditionals. So, you start with the response and work your way to the initial question. For example, in this survey/poll below, we have selected the set of questions that will appear when they select "Mexican" as their answer in Question #3. 

Here are the steps...

  1. Select Section #2 and then click "Edit Section". (Multiple sections is ONLY available in Survey's) 

  2. Next, you select the question you are referring to then set it equal to what answer will trigger this conditional. This means: IF their answer is equal to this outcome, THEN bring them to Section #2. This same logic follows when you select "=" or "≠" to the outcome.

  3. This short walkthrough illustrates these steps:

  4. Lastly, within Section 2, we can set up some conditionals with the questions that we have. In Section 2, Question #2 it asks "Are you originally from the country of Mexico?". To setup a conditional we would start with creating the response "No way, Which City?" and add the conditional there. (This is how all Survey/Quizzes/Polls will work) 

If they don't select that they are from Mexico it will end the survey. 

  • Now, in this particular survey, we have it set up to redirect them to a set of questions depending on their responses to Question #2 Section 1: "American", " Asian Cuisine", "Mexican", and "Italian" hence why there are 5 Sections. 

Well that's conditionals within the new Survey's quizzes and polls. If you have any further questions about these, feel free to reach out to Audience Support. 

Also, this exact example is available on our page. 

For further questions, please reach out to our support team using the chat icon in our platform, email us at or give us a call at (801) 901-2011.


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