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Campaign Statistics - Definitions
Campaign Statistics - Definitions

What do my promo's stats mean?

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Campaign Stats Page

Throughout the life of your campaign, you can see how it is performing by clicking the Stats tab located in the upper right corner of your promo's setup page. There you will see various statistics that can be filtered by date, including unique people, new users, social media shares, and more. Each of these statistics is defined below:

Unique People Completed

This number is intended to show how many individual people have entered your campaign, regardless of whether any of those individuals have entered more than once. It is based on how many unique email addresses have been used through the specified timeframe of the campaign.

Total Entries

Many campaigns allow individuals to enter more than once, such as once per day or three times per week. The Total Entries stat will count each entry collected, including multiple entries from repeat entrants, which is why this number may be larger than the Unique People Completed stat. For example, if each unique individual entered your campaign twice, the Total Entries would be double the number of Unique People Completed.

*This stat does not include bonus or referral entries, but natural/manual entries only.

New Users

This number tracks the number of new email addresses that your account has collected from that particular campaign. If an individual has never used their email address to enter any past promotions from that account, an entry into this new campaign will count them as a New User.

Facebook & Twitter Shares

The first graph shown on the stats page will show how many entries your campaign has been getting throughout the duration of your campaign. In addition, the graph will also show how many people are sharing your campaign on Facebook and X. You can encourage this free and effective word-of-mouth marketing by awarding entrants additional entries for every friend they get to enter through their unique share link. This tool can be found in step 3 when building your campaign's entry form.

Field Stats

The second graph on the stats page shows how each of the form field's are performing. Each field can be turned on and off to highlight specific data.

Confirmation Email Stats

If a confirmation email has been created and being sent to entrants, those statistics will be tracked for you as well, including how many have been delivered, how many unique individuals have opened the email, and if there is a link included, how many times that link has been clicked.

Syndicated Promo Stats

When managing a syndicated campaign, you can see how well it is performing on each platform by clicking on the Syndication tab located in the upper right corner of the host campaign, then clicking View Syndicated Stats.

Here you will be able to see how many accounts are running the campaign and the combined totals of each of the stats defined above, including combined total entries, combined total of unique individuals who have entered across all accounts, and the total number of first-time entrants across all accounts.

In addition, total entries and total unique entrants for each account can be compared side by side below the graph.

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