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Repeat Type Options for Entry Fields

Always Show vs. Auto-Complete vs. Hide After First Completion

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When a visitor has already shared information with you through a past promotion, or if they are returning to re-enter a promotion for a second time, you can choose whether they will see an entry field every time they enter, have the fields auto-filled for them (with the info they used previously), or simply hide the field the next time they return. Each option is explained in further detail below:

Always Show

Always Show is just as it sounds. When a field is set to Always Show, entrants will be asked to answer that question or perform that action every time they return. This is best used when information may change regularly or you would like the entrant to manually perform the action (such as Agree to Terms or Visit a Website) each time they enter your promotion(s).

Auto-complete After First Completion

Auto-complete After First Completion will remember the information a person entered last time and automatically enter the same information again. This is best used for information that is not likely to change often, such as names, addresses, or phone numbers, or for actions you would like to automatically give them credit for with repeated visits. For the entrant, a field set to Auto-complete won't even appear, but the information will be automatically added to your database (unlike Hide After First Completion below).

Hide After First Completion

Hide After First Completion is the best option if there is an action or question you want people to compete only once (such as Follow On Twitter or Complete a Survey). Just like the Auto-complete option, the entrant will not see the field when they return. However, unlike the Auto-complete option, the entrant will not automatically receive credit (i.e. bonus entries, etc.) for completing the field each time they enter the promotion. They will be given credit for completing the field the first time and not see the field again when they return.

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