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What is the Campaigns Grid?
What is the Campaigns Grid?

An overview of our campaigns grid application and how to edit it

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The Campaigns Grid is an application that we have created to bring all of your live, upcoming, and recently expired contests into one place. In order for you to access it, you just need to go to you Campaigns page and click on Filter & Sort, then scroll down to the bottom and turn on the Campaigns Grid button (when you want to see your regular campaigns list, just turn that button off).

There are a couple of different options you have as to when you want your campaign to appear on the Campaigns Grid.

  1. Feature When Upcoming or Live

  2. Show When Upcoming or Live

  3. Show When Upcoming, Live, or, Recently Expired

  4. Show Only When Live

  5. Show When Live, or Recently Expired

  6. Do Not Show On Grid

There are also two different places to edit these settings.

First, within your grid display by clicking on the previous selection a dropdown list will show and you'll be able to make a new selection.

Second, within the publishing options of the promotion set up page, you will find another place to edit this setting.

Recently expired timeframe is by default set to 30 days. So once the 30 days has passed it will be moved to the regular campaigns list. You can edit this default under Grid Settings above your campaigns grid.

For further questions, please chat our support team using the chat icon in our platform, email us at or give us a call at (801) 901-2011.

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