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How do I edit default settings for my campaigns?
How do I edit default settings for my campaigns?

Overview of how to set and edit defaults for your different applications

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This is a feature that was created to make setting up campaigns a much faster and simpler process. By editing your default settings, any newly created campaign will have customized data fields specific to your account. In this article we will review where to find these settings and how to edit them.

First, to get to these settings go to

Account Manger > Details > Access > Find the application you want to edit > Defaults

From here you will have a pop up screen that looks something like this.

Then from this screen, you can edit just about anything you would like when it comes to your campaign settings. From the prize text down to the terms and conditions by clicking the + New Default button.

To add a default for every newly created app of the type previously selected, next to the Default App Template default, click the dropdown labeled "Enter an app ID or title." This will then search for the campaigns within your account. Select the one you would like all the newly created campaigns to replicate.​

Now whenever you create a new campaign, it will automatically have the default entry form and any other default settings that you have set.

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