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Help! We have some users that can't enter our campaign!
Help! We have some users that can't enter our campaign!
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At times, we receive new support tickets regarding a certain number of users not being able to enter a contest. Many times these problems end up being a simple user error or a known problem with a certain browser or platform. Other times they are part of a larger issue within our apps or on the social media platforms. The more information we can get from you and your users to reproduce and debug these errors the better we will be at categorizing and resolving the ticket. We have put together a list of questions to ask that will be very helpful to us and allow us to solve your tickets much faster.

Here is some information that we may need:

1. Mobile, iPad or Desktop version?

2. If mobile what device (iPhone, Android, iPad)?

3. Browser (Internet Explorer 7/8/9, FireFox, Safari, etc)?

4. Exact error message being shown (Screen shots would be great, if possible)

5. How are they accessing the contest (, invite or direct from Facebook page)?

If you are unable to collect all of this information, don't worry! You can still chat our support team using the chat icon in our platform, email us at or give us a call at (801) 901-2011.

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