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Understanding the Power of Syndication
Understanding the Power of Syndication

Time: 25 Minutes

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Introduction and Overview:

Leilani, a client success specialist, introduces herself and outlines the webinar's agenda, which includes discussing the importance of syndication in business and its benefits for managing campaigns across multiple websites. The session is supported by Jay and Ketti on the backend, with a Q&A session planned and a $100 Amazon giveaway.

Definition and Significance of Syndication:

Syndication allows a single campaign to be available on multiple websites while maintaining centralized control over the management settings. This process is crucial for extending reach and enhancing campaign efficiency across different platforms.

Operational Mechanics of Syndication:

Leilani demonstrates how to set up a syndicated campaign. This includes selecting between hosted and template options, creating the campaign under a parent account, and choosing child accounts for syndication. The discussion also covers permissions and batch operations to manage syndicated content effectively.

Benefits and Strategic Uses:

The syndication tool simplifies campaign management by centralizing control and data collection, which helps amplify reach and gather tailored insights. It offers both hosted and template types of syndication, with hosted allowing centralized control and template providing flexibility across child accounts.

Interactive Elements and Conclusion:

Throughout the webinar, interactive polls gauge the audience's familiarity with syndication. The session concludes with a review of key points, an announcement of the webinar winner, and information on upcoming webinars and support resources.

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