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Digital Sales Training - 2023
Mastering Digital Sales - Digital Sales Training
Mastering Digital Sales - Digital Sales Training

Time: 19 Minutes

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Reflections on 2023
Tips for a Successful Q1 2024
Holiday Promotions and Sales Ideas

Key Insights:
Clinton Hansen, a seasoned expert, unravels the secrets to success, emphasizing:
The Power of Partnerships
Unlocking the Value of First-Party Data
Personalization for Maximum Impact

Highlights Include:
Successful Sweepstakes Ideas
Tire Giveaways, Holiday Home Makeovers, and Veteran Salutes
Case Studies on Revenue-Generating Promotions

Exploration of Promotional Formats:
Quizzes, Surveys, Polls, and Galleries
Actionable First-Party Data Insights

Success Stories:
Cutest Kid Contest
Geolocation-Based Campaigns
$500 Giveaway

Keyword Contests Mastery:
Countdown Application Success Story

Impressive Results:
237,000 Unique Entries, 1.9 Million Confirmation Emails in 35 Days

Key Takeaways:
Leverage Promotions for Brand Recognition
Importance of Confirmation Emails
Geolocation Features for Targeted Campaigns
Plug-and-Play Templates for Effortless Execution

The Ultimate Goal:
Helping brands capture, enrich, and activate high-quality first-party data for unparalleled success in the digital landscape.

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