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How To Link A Campaigner And Audience Account
How To Link A Campaigner And Audience Account
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The first step would be reach out to Campaigner Support to get the new account created.

Here is the the info they need:

Hey I need a new organization built. Here is the info for the new organization(s):

(Note: Say organization rather than account otherwise they make new users that can manage our account rather than a new separate company/station account)

Parent ORG: Audience (formerly Aptivada) (Id 9049)

Organization Name: 104.7 WAYZ-FM

(Note: This is the example but you would put the name of the account here)

Contact Email:

(Note: This does not need to be a real email. Just use something along the lines of noreply@"company/station name".com)

After that has been created, log in to Campaigner and click on "Customer Search"

Then search the organization name and then click on any of the underlined portions to be brought to the next page,

You then will take note of the "Account Id" and "Account Administrator" (just the email not the number, this should be the same as the contact email you gave Campaigner to set up the organization)

Now you need to create an API user, to do this click "Run As Admin (current UI)"

Then click on the person icon in the top right corner and go to "Manage Users"

Then click "Create New User",

Then fill it out like this with the username apiuser@"company/station name".com (this should end the same as the noreply@"company/station name".com) and click save

Then click save, and open up the options for the newly created user by clicking on the email

Then click "Create API Key"

Check both these boxes and click save

Then upon successful creation copy the API Key

Then you will log in to the Audience website and enable the Integration "Campaigner for Audience" for the new account through the Account Manager

Then input the API Key and the info you noted earlier and click submit!

Then to verify that it has been set up correctly click on the "Emails" Tab

If you are brought to this page you did it right!

There is one last step you need to complete to make sure that data is sent to Campaigner from Audience. Click on the "Manage Fields" in the "Contacts" dropdown.

The click the "New Custom Field" button

Then type in "_source" in the Name box and press "Save & Close" and you're all done!

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