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Entry Form Best Practices
Updated over a week ago

With our Entry Form getting a new look, we wanted to provide some resources to help you utilize all of our Entry Form features.

With this update, there will not be any functionality changes. Setting up the Entry Form will still function as usual. The login types will still be added in the order that you add them to the promotion. If you prefer the Facebook login to be at the end, you will need to add it last.

Old Entry Form & New Entry Form

Here is what changed

  • Simple and Obvious: One of the biggest changes we've made is simplifying the social media buttons and Email field. In the example above, the Twitter button indicates the new hover state.

  • Removing "Enter with" from social media buttons: We've focused on the preferred social media company. If you still want to use translations on the Entry Form, continue reading below.

    If you still want to use translations in the form, see our recommendation below.

  • Removing "OR" between the different options: Before, we've always aired on the side of obvious, but with our new design, it is more obvious to select one of the options to continue.

  • Isolating the Email Section: Since entering with an email requires a submit action, we've decided to isolate both the Email input and Submit button by adding spacing both above and below this group. This allows users to recognize that these two fields are connected without cluttering up the form with decorations.

Best Practices

  1. Use the Email (and/or Password) Option last: With the added spacing both above and below these fields, it looks cleaner with it as the last option.

  2. Change button color to match primary color of the promotion: The feature to customize the primary color of the form is still available. Enter the HEX code of the primary color in the design section so that the form feels more inclusive with the promotion design.

  3. Use Form Field Header for "Enter with" (including translations): If you still feel the need to prompt users with an "Enter with" command, use the Form Field Header text on Step 1.

We hope you enjoy the added benefits of an updated Entry Form design. It reflects the modern UX trend that is being used on any sign-up page, entry form, or login page while still offering the flexibility to customize the form as you see fit.

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